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The Fashion Buying Department

Purchasing departments are commonly open strategy offices, separated up into department or product segments. Teams of buyers, merchandisers as well as there assistants generally being in an island formation of between 6-8 desks. They are a really tight knot group that work closely with each various other, and also job as a team.

The fashion acquiring workplace is an exciting area to deal with lots of garment examples, computers, piles of paper work, mood boards as well as textile swatches; all connecting to next periods arrays.

Fashion Buying and Merchandise Mangers/Directors

The Fashion Buying and Merchandising Managers report straight to the basic manager, and also are the center management supervisors in charge of a specific division or group of Merchandise. These categories may include: Women swear, menswear, Accessories, Home items, and so on

. The Buying as well as Merchandising Manager manages a group of Buyers, and

liaises in between these customers and also upper administration.

The Fashion Buyer

The Fashion Buyer Reports directly to the Buying and also Merchandising Manager, or Head of Buying/ Department.

The Fashion Buyer is responsible for picking the supply that will be available throughout consumer.

The Fashion Buyer is likewise in charge of preparing acquisitions and also sales, in addition to the plan of merchandise in the division.

The Fashion Buyer should adhere to and carry out company policies and treatments within their department.

Buyers are usually offered details categories to purchase for. : Ladies

tops, Footwear, or the categories can be separated by woven's or non-woven's.

For a private store, the customer might be a mix of functions: customer, department supervisor, and also store supervisor.

Obligations of the Fashion customer include: establishing buying strategies, picking goods, developing retail prices, positioning orders, maintaining connections with producers, preserving suitable goods selections, and collaborating advertising and marketing and also marketing prepare for the division.

Assistant Fashion Buyers

Aide Fashion Buyers/ associate purchasers or younger purchasers, all record to the

Buyer or elderly buyer.

Typically the assistant buyers are located in the larger chain stores and also assist the Buyer in clerical obligations.

Assistant purchasers resemble understudies, they recognize exactly what is occurring, and also can fill out to supply details when asked for if the Buyer is not present. An assistant customer is also a 'customer in training'. The level of duty given to the assistant buyer depends on their experience.


Responsibilities/ functions of the assistant buyer may include: examining stock degrees, assigning stock to shops, transferring stock in between shops, writing repeat orders for staple products, handling orders, actioning markdowns etc. The role of the aide purchaser can be very clerical.

In some smaller firms there may not be an assistant style purchaser, there might just be a management assistant, or data entrance person that fulfills this support function to the customer.